Vanguard Industries, LLC

We’re three guys who have more than 40 years of combined experience in the chemical industry. We service small to midsize companies using biodegradable specialty cleaners, sanitizers and commodity chemicals. You can trust us for quality, purity, and price.  We offer product sales as well as in-field application and system design, chemical selection, and logistics services.

Your Search is Over

We’ve been servicing local customers in California for 10+ years.  Our customer industries include manufacturing, agriculture, hydroponic, dairy, brewery, veterinary, food service, food processing, mining, pool care, water treatment, taxidermy, and transportation to name a few.  Many of our products can also be used throughout the home, so think of us for your economy household supplies as well!

Trust Vanguard Industries for your specialty cleaners, sanitizers and commodity chemicals, save money on your supply chain, and put your focus back on your business.

Contact us via our web form or give us a call or text at (209)531-8711 with any product questions or to place an order.

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The Highest Quality for the Best Price

We connect companies throughout the US with the highest purity, cost-effective sanitizers, cleaners and commodity chemicals.  We give our customers an edge in their industry by providing excellent customer service at prices that can’t be beat. Unlike our competitors we keep it simple, pure and affordable. We don’t put fancy names and labels on our products to make you think you’re getting something special just to charge you more.

Vanguard Containers All Sizes

Order Any Size

Most products come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs from as small as a one gallon container to as large as a 330 gallon tote.  We source our products from only the best of the best chemical manufacturers with proven track records of large scale production at the highest purity standards.  So we’ll always be able to fill your order no matter the size and you’ll never have to worry about quality, ever.

We take care of sales tax and shipping costs to make it even easier for our customers. The price you see is the price you pay. We strive to get your order shipped within two business days and trust only the best carriers to deliver our products.

We’re confident our prices are competitive. If you see a lower price, let us know and we’ll beat it.


Your Solution to a Mounting Problem

Chemical regulations are tightening.  Environmental pressures come from government and customers.  Choose biodegradable products from us, we're industry experts.

Vanguard Keep Personnel Safe

Chemical Application

Your personnel will be safer with our chemistry and methods. Let Vanguard Industries design a chemical application system that removes guesswork, estimating, and exposure.

Vanguard System Design

We Have the Tools

Vanguard is your resource for the design of your permanent chemical feed systems.  Ask us about materials of construction and devices.