Bac Stop 2

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BAC STOP 2 is a new generation, high quality pH balanced concentrate that is tough on grease, yet soft on hands. It also provides proven anti-bacterial protection for your hands, and is unsurpassed in mildness for even the most sensitive skin. BAC STOP 2 meets or exceeds UDSA guidelines for E2 rated hand soaps.

May be used as a hand soap or dish detergent. Will not chafe or irritate skin.

As a concentrate, this hand soap can be used like any other type of soap cleaner when used with warm water, longer contact times may be required when using ambient temperature water.

As a dish soap, 1-2 oz. per 3 gallons of warm water is sufficient.

This product is a high quality Antimicrobial Hand Soap that meets or exceeds the requirements of the USDA to be used as an E-2 antimicrobial hand wash.  Designed for use in food plant environments, but perfect for ensuring E-2 requirements of any hand washing need.